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Hunter Ring

Chair: Patty Sloan


Next Show:

Sept. 28th, 2019


Judge: Woody Dykers USEF ‘R’


Show Sheet


Beginner Ring

Chair: Julie Martin


Next Show:

Sept. 28th, 2019



Hank Bloom

Show Sheet


Open Ring

Chair: Brian Schnitzer


Next Show:

Sept. 28th, 2019



Pat Smith



Show Sheet


Running Ring

Chair: Kit Sloan



Next Show:

Sept. 28th, 2019


Show Sheet


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I ... ?
  2. Where can I find ... ?
  3. Why doesn't ... ?
  4. Who is ... ?
  5. What is ... ?
  6. When is ... ?

How do I ... ?

Register for a Show?
  • Pre-register Deadline is 6:00PM on Wednesday the week of the show!
  • See our Pre-Registration web page for detailed information
Become a Member?
Score points in a class?
  • Our classes our point system is the same as most horse shows.
    We place 1 - 6 with the points accumulating.

    1st place = 6 points
    2nd place = 5 points
    3rd place = 4 points
    4th place = 3 points
    5th place = 2 points
    6th place = 1 point

    Points accumulate to qualify for year end awards. Must be a member and complete qualification requirements.
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Where can I ... ?

Find the ByLaws and Rules?
  • As a Saddle Club for our members we must have Bylaws and Rules.
  • See our ByLaws & Rules web page
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Why doesn't ... ?

My child qualify for End of Year awards?
  • Following are the qualifications needed to qualify for end of year awards:
    1. Be a current member in good standing.
    2. Participate in the majority of shows during the current year (proving age to participate in particular age divisions)
    3. Attend 3 meetings during the current show year.
    4. Work 2 volunteer hours per rider during the current show year.

    Points, show credits, meeting credits and work credits are based on horse / rider combination [except lead line; in lead line the points are based on rider only]. Parents may attend meetings or perform work hours for their children. Point accumulation and eligibility for year end awards begins on the date of membership and goes forward (membership CANNOT be back dated for any reason.) No points may accumulate prior to the date of membership for the current show year. Our show year starts on Dec. 1st and goes through the end of Nov. Club meetings are held on specific Wednesday evenings (check the website) at 7:30 pm at the Golden Corral off of North Point Parkway in Alpharetta.

Note about our 2015 Show Year: Majority of Shows

Open, Hunter, and Beginner Rings: Riders need to participate in 5 shows to qualify for 2015 year-end awards. Double judged shows count as two shows for these rings. 

Running Ring: Riders need to participate in 4 shows to qualify for 2015 year-end awards. Double-judged shows do not count as two shows for this ring.

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Who is ... ?

The RHSC Board Members and how can I contact them?
  • Go to our Contacts web page to see our current list of Board Members and contact info
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What is ... ?

The Show Cost?
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When is ... ?

Our next Show?
  • See our Shows web page for the show schedule
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